Updating to a database from a detailsview template field

This explicit separation between the List View and Data Pager allow for a much greater degree of paging interface customization and positioning, as we will se in this article. property, which returns the total number of records being paged through.The Data Pager control renders a set of Data Pager Fields, with each Data Pager Field displaying a paging interface. NET Framework version 3.5 includes three pre-built Data Pager Fields: creates the paging interface via a template, that we must create.

After adding the Data Pager, it will appear in the Visual Studio Design view as a gray box, as we have yet to indicate what Data Pager Field(s) to use.

Once all of the data has been returned, the List View selectively displays part of the entire set of data, based on the values.

With custom paging, you, the developer, have to do a bit more work.

To customize the Data Pager Fields, click the Edit Pager Fields link from the Data Pager's smar tag.

This brings up the Fields dialog box (shown below).

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