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Madonna is on the LA set of the Material Girl video, sashaying down a staircase, decked out in a fuchsia satin replica of the gown Marilyn wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, when she comes face-to-face with hot actor Sean Penn.He is 24, she is 26, their birthdays are just one day apart, and - for both of them - it is love at first sight.

From the first, I get the distinct impression that Sean is reclusive and feels happiest hiding out at home with Madonna alone.

Lest she be lambasted for being conventional, under her wedding veil she wears a black bowler hat.

Christopher Ciccone has been his sister Madonna's constant confidant The ceremony takes five minutes.

After the video shoot, Sean goes to a friend's house.

The friend is reading from a book of quotations, turns to a page and reads out the following random quote: 'She had the innocence of a child and the wit of a man.' As Sean later remembered it: 'I looked at my friend and he just said, "Go get her." So I did.' On February 13, 1985, Madonna and Sean go on their first date together.

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