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However, I didn’t specify a date but rather I told her to let me know when she was free one day and I would be open to it. Therefore, in my opinion she was probably just self doubting herself all the time and eventually believing that I just thought she was a disinteresting person.For my personality type, the ironic thing is while I may be a bit more indirect and mysterious to people when it comes to trying to find out if I like them or not, interestingly enough it is pretty evident if I don’t have any interest at all.No communication, I will ignore your requests and so fourth.In many ways it’s just like becoming friends with people.After talking with this girl, she seemed happy and proceeded to head home.Afterwards, she comes back a few seconds later and asks if I used things like an online chat software incase she doesn’t see me again and this way she can ask me questions about new releases and so fourth. Now here is what was going on in my mind up till that point.

The key thing is communication and whether or not the person is actively asking you questions in an effort to learn more about you.As kind of a final hint from myself, as we were walking she started talking about her collection of her video games and I commented in a playful way how I should visit her sometime and we can have a fun match.She responded in a subtle yet enthusiastic response saying I should do that. My assumption on what happened, most girls often say that when a guy doesn’t directly take initiative in those types of situations that means he has no interest in you.I remember one example in my life where there was this girl that met me at a place I was working at.My job was to interact and help customers find products that they were looking for while educating them about it.

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