Introvert vs extrovert dating 100 dating site canada

This obviously comes easy to the introvert and may frustrate their partner, but when it comes to stress and anxiety, alone time can be good for mental health and personal well-being. You know what they say—absence makes the heart grow fonder What’s difficult about dealing with this is realizing the point of which is too much seclusion of the introvert.

It is important for the extrovert to give them space, yet make sure they are not feeling neglected. Confrontation is a tricky subject when it comes to this type of relationship.

You can agree to disagree without breaking each other down.

And you may even be pleasantly surprised of what the introvert may want to try. While one person might pour their emotions out and wear their heart on their sleeve, the other bottles it up and hides away from the world. The extrovert can be easily led to believe they are giving their all to the relationship and not receiving enough in return from the introvert. With the introvert's bottled-up emotions, sometimes it can be a difficult task to pry them open.

It is known that extroverts thrive off venting, while introverts would rather ponder their thoughts with alone time.

The extrovert wants to live on the edge, try new things, see new places, and meet new people.

While the introvert likes to go to the local bar they’ve grown to love, or just do something low-key.

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