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Shelf bases or counters become unique gems with RAUKANTEX lite. Or are you looking for a suitable edgeband for the board?

Utilise our comprehensive range of services: From page 354 you will find information about the dealer search, the REHAU joiner portal and many other useful tools.

We have used our many years of experience in collection management from the area of edgeband for our wall seal profiles to expand the Board Matches Guide for you. From a high-quality finish to the worktop right into the smallest niche.

Our numerous decorative prints are matched to the leading European board manufacturers and will give your kitchen the finishing touch.

Benefit from: --A standard range with more than 1,200 edgeband colours and decors --Common dimensions and box contents --Short lead times --REHAU Premium quality --Design freedom due to the use of the Premium Selection, e.g.

3D effect edgebands or feature edgebands --A Board Matches Guide with over 15,000 matches to the most popular board / laminate manufacturers --An online search engine that automatically finds the matching edgeband for the board All of the tables in this section are set out in a userfriendly way, allowing you to find the description, decor number and the material quickly at a glance.

With over 50 new additions every year we are always keeping up with the latest trends.

We therefore reinforce your expertise and performance capability.

Any problems or questions regarding edgeband will be answered quickly with a direct response from our expert hotline.

We will also be pleased to provide you with the appropriate package for preparing customer training or conducting sales promotion activities.

Rough sawn structures have reached the trade collections.

The combination of natural wood structures and textures with matt surfaces is a particularly on trend design.

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