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Street prostitution in generally illegal in Austria, so by going to a brothel, clients could avoid ending up with an unchecked, illegal sex worker.Often, this does not happen for financial reason – street hookers are cheaper.

Regular and legal prostitution areas concentrate around the northern Gürtel, the Naschmarkt area, the northern third district and the second district.

Thanks to the legality of the sexual services, more and more girls come to the country to work in the nightlife. There are girls working as escorts from different parts of the world.

You can find some European, African, Asian and South American women advertising their sex services online.

It is possibly the fastest way to get satisfaction. See Also: Window prostitution & Laufhaus As of 2008, there were 1800 girls and a little over 20 male prostitutes registered as prostitutes with the city of Vienna, which means that they attend regular health checks and legal monitoring.

However, police estimates give a number of 5,000 girls who are thought to work as hookers in total – the 3,000 to 6000-odd non-legal hookers working mostly on the street without a permission.

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