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My husband has never used his age as a trump card, or a suggestion that he knows more than I do.

But, very occasionally, when I’m feeling lost and confused and tired, I will turn to him and ask for his advice and because he’s older than me, and he’s already been here, he is in a position to give it.

do not date older men (or rather, I did not date and then marry an older man) because I thought that boys my own age were too immature.

I did so because I have always preferred the company of people older than myself.

In general, there’s a stigma that a younger woman dates an older man because he’s more powerful and can essentially take care of her.

And while that may be true for some, a 2010 study by the University of Dundee in Scotland found that as women become more financially independent, their taste may skew toward older (and better-looking) men. As a woman becomes more confident in her own career and finances, she seeks a partner who matches that, which often is not a 25-year-old guy.

I liked the safety that came with going to dinner with someone who would choose the restaurant, tell me what time we were going to meet and carry on a conversation about the world around me.

I even tried it when my boyfriend and I took a short break, and I found it was painstakingly difficult and more complicated than my experience dating an older guy. The texting games (How long should I wait to text him back? It’s exhausting), the fear of commitment that plagues most twentysomethings, and the simple fact that most guys my age aren’t as emotionally mature as I am.It can be tough when you and your older partner can’t share childhood commonalities (dude’s never read a book!?), but the benefits can certainly outweigh those little things.I have no patience with the oft quoted theory that ‘boys mature slower than girls.’ It’s not true.Boys are forced to act like adults much later than girls are, our natural rates of maturity are not decided by our genitals.

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