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Mostly, we want women to see how their negative experiences can produce extremely positive qualities, like leadership abilities, resilience, empathy for others, strength in a crisis and unshakable survival skills.

Q: What are some of the more common issues that fatherless daughters tend to experience?

We chatted with authors, about their labor of love.

Q: What inspired you to write this book, and why is there a need for it?

On the flip side, daughters also reported having a great respect for their mothers as they grew up, gaining a greater realization of the difficulties she faced and being grateful for all she did to raise her.

On another positive note, fatherless daughters often develop determined spirits and survival very early on.

This can lead to negative coping skills such as sexual promiscuity, total avoidance of intimacy, isolation, substance abuse, anxiety and depression.

Often, the daughter experiences a combination of these, and she is not taught how to manage the trauma of her losses until later in life when she re-experiences her pain and realizes she has unresolved issues.K & D: In our research we found that at least one in three women see themselves as fatherless.The majority of them felt that losing the bond with their fathers deeply affected multiple areas of their lives, including their emotional and physical health.Their number one fear was being abandoned again, and their main coping mechanism was isolation.We have both been there, and we wanted to open up the conversation about the effects of fatherlessness on female development and the steps toward healing.

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