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Strong, purposeful, strong-willed, reliable family man, loving children and willing to create a strong family.

You will never find the woman like me:) I can be spontaneous and I can be very calm and quiet, sometimes I can be very kind and sometime I can be very angry, all depends on time, place and situations:)I am interested in world news, interested in cars, like of course to travel and will be so nice to travel with my future partner if have opportunity, like embroidering.

I can be a good listener and can easy find compromises and make concessions if I have reasonable explanation for actions.

I am fond of interests and fond of actions, I like to get adrenaline from activities and sport.

Like I have said before this mainly depends on my mood. I try to keep in good shape, and I enjoy going to fitness clubs and a gym. I like fashionable things and clothes, and they must suit my figure perfectly. Watching romantic comedies gives me a lot of positive emotions. Such character traits as loyalty and reliability are also appreciated.

Libra Height (cm):155 Weight (kg): 49 Education: higher Marital status: divorced Children: yes (daughter Margarita-2008) Drink alcohol: occasionally Smoke: no English level: good Person age from: 25 to 55 I’m very sociable, like to meet new people and make new friends easily. I also can call myself very romantic, adventurous and easygoing. My biggest dream is to find a man I love, and to create strong loving family with children. I also like communication with friends, especially if we spend time in. I believe it is very important to have something in common, so similar interests and hobbies are welcomed I am a romantic, communicable, goal-oriented, self-secure and cheerful young lady. Aquarius Height (cm):170 Weight (kg): 55 Education: secondary Marital status: single Children: yes (son Artem-2006) Drink alcohol: occasionally Smoke: no English level: beginner Person age from: 30 to 45 I am fond of preparing some home holidays, picnics and I am so pleased when people get a real pleasure from it.

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