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To make him mad, they hijack the slots with the help of Daisy and give the proceeds to the orphanage.

Ronny Schell [ Lester Starr ], Clayton Landey [ Max ], Ginny Parker [ Mabel ], Terry Browning [ Ruby ], Candy Bleick [ Dodie ], Wallace Merck [ Jojo ], Bill Gribble [ Carson ], Wallace Wilkinson [ FBI #1 ], Bob Cleveland [ FBI #2 ], J.

But Boss find out about Cale being in town and frames Bo and Luke for crossing the state line and works with Cale's opponents, The Jethro Brothers to scheme to steal Cale's turbo-charger. Laurene Tuttle [ Granny Annie Coggins ], Mickey Jones [ B. Davenport ], George Murdock [ Big Jim Downey ], George James [ Vic ], Pamela Bryant [ Holly Mae ], Jim Kindelon [ The Bartender ], The Oak Ridge Boys [ as themselves ] Bo and Luke are given counterfeit money from Granny Annie, the local artist.

John Quade [ Augie Detwiler ], Med Flory [ Shoulders ], Gerald Mc Raney [ First Workman ], Dianne Anthony [ Bessie Lou Perkins ] Bo and Luke are suspected of running a smuggling ring when they deliver cars to Augie Detwiler - the owner of the derby in town, but when they are told about the smuggling, they decide to investigate by joining the derby. They investigate to find out where it came from but it turns out to be her.

Luke is smitten with her and they build a relationship, but he has a hard time accepting that he can't chase other women if he stays with her.

Meanwhile, Boss Hogg needs to win because his mama's ashes are in the winning trophy, but Enos is driving for him.

Boss Hogg schemes to claim they stole his genuine gold watch and chain and when Bo and Luke hear of this, they figure the only way to prove their innocence is to haunt Boss and Rosco by making the General Lee look like a ghost. Jones [ Warren ], Bob Hastings [ Barnes ] Boss Hogg is an important goverment witness against one of the biggest racketeers in the south.

Mabel Bo and Luke find Cale Yarborough is testing a new secret turbo charger and bring him to Hazzard County to get his car serviced by Cooter. But the racketeer has posted hitmen out to prevent Boss' testimony so Jesse offers the FBI to shelter him until the time comes for him to testify.

But they must get to a phone and call the FBI before they get to them.

Picard (& Philip Mandelker [ 1 - 5 only ]) Created by: Gy Waldron Supervising producer: Joseph Gantman [ 1 - 5 ], Hy Averback [ 6 - 8 ], Rod Amateau [ 7 - 13 ] Tiche Raye [ Jill Dodson ], Ernie Brown [ Dobro Dullyn ], Dan Fitzgerald [ Truck Driver ], Gillaaron Houck [ Leroy ], Lou Walker [ Workman ], Dennis Haskins [ Moss ], Sandra Dorsey [ Deputy Hazel ], Ralph Pace [ Harvey ], Jason Lively [ Rudy ], Champ Laidler [ Brodie ] Enos, Cooter In the series opener, confederate cousins Bo and Luke Duke find out about Sheriff Rosco P.

Coltrane smuggling illegal slot machines into the county.

Arte Johnson [ Irving ], Avery Schreiber [ Wendle ], Burton Gilliam [ Tom Colt ], Pat Cranshaw [ Doc Henry Petticord ], Joseph Burke [ Sheriff Emmitt "Hammerhand" Ragsdale ], Mariam Byrd Nethery [ Rose Ellen ] Enos, Doc Petticord After Bo and Luke are arrested for fighting with a stranger, Tom Colt at the Boar's Nest, but in the jail, the local physician suspects that Colt has a case of the plague and Quarantines the jail with the police, Bo, Luke and Uncle Jesse there.

Then the bank gets robbed by two crooks disguised as Laurel and Hardy and Daisy gives chase. Fischer [ Buck ], Hunter Von Leer [ Dusty ], Adam Wade [ Doc Homer Willis ], Troy Melton [ The Driver ] A group of Texas con artists bring million in fake gold bars to Hazzard and store it in Boss' bank.

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